Jet Adhesive Glue


This adhesive is fast and jet black in color like its name. It is very flexible and adheres amazing! No matter what level you are, this adhesive is a must-have!

  • Sizes 10ml, 5ml
  • Fast drying time of .5-1 second
  • Lower Humidity & temp= Slower dry time
  • Higher Humidity & temp= Faster dry time
  • Latex & Formaldehyde Free
  • Ideal Temperature 73-76 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ideal Humidity 35-60%
  • Low fume adhesive


  • Store in a dry, cool and dark place in an upright position
  • Isolate before you dip the extension in glue. You don’t want your adhesive to crystallize before placing. It will adhere, but it will not last.
  • Shake your bottle well every time before placing a new drop as the ingredients will separate when the product is standing still for a while.
  • Once opened do not store in a fridge or jar of rice
  • Shelf life for unopened glue is 6 months
  • Shelf Life after opening 4 weeks