Invisible Bond


This adhesive is clear in color like its name. It's very flexible and adheres amazingly! This adhesive may be a better alternative to clients sensitive to carbon black.

  • Size 5ml

  • 1 second dry time
    • Lower Humidity & temp= Slower dry time
    • Higher Humidity & temp= Faster dry time

  • Latex & Formaldehyde Free

  • For professional use only

  • Ideal Temperature 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit and Humidity 35-55%

  • Shelf Life after opening 4 weeks

  • Low fume adhesive

  • Clear & thin viscosity


  • Store in a dry, cool and dark place in an upright position

  • Isolate before you dip the extension in glue. You don’t want your adhesive to crystallize before placing. It will adhere, but it will not last

  • Shake your bottle well every time before placing a new drop as the ingredients will separate when the product is standing still for a while

  • Once opened do not store in a fridge or jar of rice

  • Shelf life for unopened glue is 6 months